Smart injection moulding, where form follows function. From initial idea to finished product, CEMIPLAST is the ideal partner.

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The integrated approach of CEMIPLAST

CEMIPLAST takes into consideration the entire life-cycle of a product, which means that you are guaranteed a design, technical integration and production that comply with your requirements. The specified product configuration takes into account the future production volume, economic necessities and any regulatory requirements.

Our approach to projects is in line with the increasing requirements of innovation-orientated companies and embraces the following skills:
. Research & Development
. Design engineering
. Production
. Compliance with regulatory requirements

Our interdisciplinary team specialises in the development of medical products and right from the planning stage complies with the regulatory requirements that are mandatory for an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer.

The core business areas of CEMIPLAST are injection-moulded technical micro-parts, two-component injection-moulded parts and insert injection moulding. The areas of application range from medical engineering and micro-electronics to publicity items, where both the functional and aesthetic features have to be individually developed for each product.

Partnerships and know-how

In order to be able to stand out from the crowd and offer innovative solutions, CEMIPLAST cooperates with Swiss tertiary institutions and first-class mould-makers.

CEMIPLAST studies your specific requirements and maintains control of the key stages of the development of your product:
. Initial bibliographic research
. Patentability of the idea
. Design of the injection-moulded part
. Prototype construction before production
. Industrial process
. Production of injection-moulded parts
. Assembly of components
. Development of primary packaging
. Packing management
. Process validation

Working environment

CEMIPLAST is certified according to ISO 13485 and has a clean room that complies with ISO 7 requirements. Depending on project requirements, injection moulding, assembly, testing and packaging processes are all carried out in clean room conditions.

CEMIPLAST has 1,000 m2 of space in its new premises in Technology Park III in Saint-Imier (Bernese Jura, Switzerland) in the middle of a high-tech environment.

The infrastructure is further developed on an ongoing basis with the implementation of innovative projects and provides extremely diverse solutions for the optimal production of your injection-moulded parts.
Zertifizierungen / Standards
·    ISO 13485:2003
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