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With SuSoS products and services we cover different stages in the product lifecycle by offering:

• Contract Research and Analytical Services
• Proprietary surface modification technologies based on thin organic films for application as bio-functional, non-fouling or lubricious coatings in the Life Science and Med Tech field.

We have a long standing experience and superior capability to investigate, understand and tune the chemical interactions between a surface and an applied coating. With our products we can functionalize polymers (PP, PE, EPDM, etc.), metals (steel, Al, Ti, Au, etc.), ceramics and glasses. We can equip surfaces with multiple functions such as lubricious, non-fouling/anti-bacterial, hydrophilic, bio-functional, bio-active (implants), anti-coagulants, easy-to-clean or anti-fog. We have been working with partners in life science, bio- & medtec, diagnostics, adhesives and primers, micro-mechanics and -processing and the galvanic field.

Our strength lies in the all-inclusive service which we provide for our customers: from specific initial surface analytics, through technical consultancy, up to final project realization. We make full use of the know-how, experience and the high level of commitment of our team, which consists of dynamic materials scientists, chemists and physicists.
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