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The BAYONIX® BOTTLE is a sports bottle that is completely pollutant-free, 100% recyclable and completely biodegradable (also microplastic). It is very light, leak-proof, easy to refill and clean, has a separate drinking opening with quick release and a snap hook.

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BAYONIX® is a high-tech operation based on consistent sustainability. BAYONIX® develops, manufactures and sells products that are sustainable and therefore suitable for grandchildren. BAYONIX® products are safe for humans, society, water and the environment. We only use circular materials whose chemistry is safe for people and nature.

We are firmly convinced that sustainability and high-tech are not mutually exclusive, but must complement each other. Our initiatives and innovations contribute to shaping a modern world for future generations. The aim of BAYONIX® is to market products that have unique product properties and have a positive impact on society and the environment. BAYONIX® products should be innovative, creative and future-oriented, suitable for grandchildren.

Every day, we spend a lot of time and development work to make our products even better in terms of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to develop products that go beyond standards, because standards are the death of innovation. We can not accept limits in this respect! For this reason we do not want to introduce standards for products and materials, but rather constantly develop further.

But the core lies in the innovation of the materials, the chemical ingredients, which in terms of product properties and recyclability puts the existion question into question.

Production is also constantly being optimized with regard to sustainability aspects and environmentally friendly behavior and is strictly oriented towards quality. It's not about repairing and recycling. It's about getting it right the first beginning. We offer our customers high-quality and versatile products at a fair price-performance ratio.

BAYONIX® products are manufactured according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle. Wohever usesBAYONIX® products is doing something good for themselves and the environment! We also have ourselves audited by independent accredited experts. Our BAYONIX® BOTTLE, is the first bottle to pass the Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ certification standard at the "Gold" level and "PLATINUM" in the Material Health category.

Even customer-specific projects that we completely implement from design to serial production are possible at any time.

The complete procurement focuses on the Germany´s southern area, causing as little transport emissions as possible! Furthermore, the production occours exclusively in Bavaria.

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