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GreenWins is swiss start up company and game changing concept combining Gamification, Recycling, and Digital Technology: we offer a possibility to collect various types of waste (electronics, medicine, coffee capsules, etc.). And also developed RVM collecting reusable cups and paying back via TWINT.

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Our project is a commitment to a shift in the way we think about life cycle of products, specifically most common types of waste, causing huge damages to the world ocean and the environment: plastic cups, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, coffee capsules, medicines, electronics, etc.

We have chosen the digital nudging as a “carrot” to trigger the change we wish to see around!

And we developed GreenWins turn-key solution: Smart recycling and Digital Marketing totems and services. 

First RVM CashCups to collect reusable cups were tested during la Fête des Vignerons 2019 and got lots of attention from events organizers. 

Reusable cups have an undisputable positive impact on the environment and are the perfect alternative to increasingly prohibited disposable plastic cups. But there is one area of improvement.

To collect the reusable cups, staff requires more time to the detriment of serving drinks. And often, event visitors are left unhappy, because of long waiting lines.

The consequence: Operational costs can increase, while revenues are lost!

With CashCups: 

Event visitors will be happier and consume more with ease
Bar capacity will be released at least during the busiest hours
Engagement with clients will be stronger via communication
Plus it is possible to earn money from Ads, Sponsoring and collect donations

We expect to find investors to bring this developement to the level of industrialization. 

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