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INR SA is specialized in the production of plastic parts in smaller series (prototypes, from 10-20 up to 1500 pieces per year) and offers different technologies - e.g. RIM injection moulding (Reaction Injection Moulding), composite technology / fibre reinforced plastics FRP, etc.

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INR is available for your plastic projects from 50 to 1000 parts per year (per average batch from 10 to 50 parts) to produce covers, facings, gaskets, windows, technical parts, etc.

We offer the following procedures:

  • Low pressure injection moulding of PUR resin (RIM injection [Reaction Injection Moulding]), a good alternative to conventional injection moulding and thermoforming / "vacuum deep drawing"
  • Vacuum casting of elastomer or silicone resin parts (with different hardening solutions)
  • Thermoplastic injection of parts up to 20 cm³ for small and medium series (from a few dozen to several thousand)
  • Hand Laminate Process (Polyester)
  • "Plastic sheet products."

We also supply complete assemblies based on our processes, integrating sheet metal, mechanics, electronics, etc.

Current customer base /reference customers

  • Manufacturers of laboratory equipment (60%): e.g. Biorad, Horiba, Echosens, Quantel, IDS, …
  • Manufacturers of machine tools: Tornos, Rollomatic, Bobst, Mécanuméric, …
  • Ticketing: Parkéon
  • Railway industry: Arterail


General Information
Company size
11-50 employees
Founded in
Moutier, Switzerland
Inventions-Nouveautés-Recherches INR S.A.

Quartier de la Verrerie 16
2740 Moutier

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