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Metrohm - from start-up to global player

 Metrohm AG was founded in Herisau (Switzerland) in 1943 and for decades has been regarded worldwide as one of the most renowned and largest manufacturers of high-precision analytical instruments for laboratories and industry. We are present in more than 80 countries with our own subsidiaries and exclusive sales partners.

 We provide effective and solution-oriented support for various industrial sectors such as petrochemicals, polymers, plastics, food and electroplating:

 1. spectroscopic instruments (Raman and NIR spectroscopy)
 2. automatic titration machines (e.g. Karl-Fischer Titration)
 3. ion chromatography
 4. voltammetry as an electrochemical analysis method.

 The Metrohm philosophy is to be "close to you" and all employees, be they sales staff, service technicians or application specialists, support you in your wishes and specifications and work with you to develop the optimum solutions. The knowledge gained in this way flows into the further development of our equipment. As a result, Metrohm products are constantly adapted to changing and increasing requirements.

General Information
Company size
500+ employees
Founded in
Zofingen, Switzerland
Metrohm Schweiz AG

Areal Bleiche West
4800 Zofingen

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