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Hot runner systems for plastics injection molding

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Thermoplay, with its HQ in the industrial area of Pont-Saint-Martin in Aosta, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of hot runner systems for the plastic injection moulding industry. As a result of continuous product development and considerable investment, Thermoplay is considered a global leader in hot runner system solutions.

Today, there are 190 employees in the manufacturing plant, which covers a surface of 11,000 square meters. Thermoplay is represented with sales and technical support teams in 48 countries. Thermoplay has also established sales and service branches in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, USA, Brazil, China and India.

Our product range, designed and built exclusively in-house, includes a vast selection of standard and special hot runner systems. Bi-colour and material mouldings can be produced through simultaneous injection of different colours and materials to satisfy all types of applications. Flow analysis is used to customize special hot runner solutions for family moulds and other demanding applications. Thermoplay manufactures an extensive range of temperature control units to fulfil the moulding process requirements.

Thermoplay SPA and its subsidiaries were acquired in August 2015 by Barnes Group Inc., a global industrial and aerospace manufacturer and service provider. Thermoplay joined Barnes Molding Solutions, a strategic business unit of Barnes Group, which provides high quality hot runners, molds and control systems to demanding global customers in the plastic injection molding industry.

Combined with Barnes Molding Solutions, Thermoplay’s technology, products, processes, and manufacturing capabilities provides an expanded suite of differentiated product offerings serving a broad range of customers in the plastic processing equipment marketplace.

The synergy of Barnes Molding Solutions’ businesses provides a broadened product offering, the highest level of global customer service and quality, and robust technologies for new and critical applications.


Certification / Standards
·    ISO 9001:2015
General Information
Company size
101-500 employees
Founded in
L├╝denscheid, Germany
Thermoplay Deutschland GmbH

Hoffmeisterstrasse 15
58511 L├╝denscheid
Pont St. Martin (AO) Italy, Italy
Thermoplay S.p.A

Via Carlo Viola 74
11026 Pont St. Martin (AO) Italy

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