Ergonomic and powerful laser-welding-system ALW 200/300

The laser welder ALW can be used in the production environment with no additional laser protection measures. It is an ergonomic and comfortable seating workplace and offers the operator plenty of legroom and plenty of space in the working chamber for the work piece. Its doors can be opened wide.

The ALW 200/300 is ideal to weld demanding materials such as aluminum, precious metals, titanium or sensitive alloys. Welding is done manually or semi-automatically. The laser system also enables programmed serial production. Wires from 0.2-0.8 mm are easy to weld. An automatic wire feeder is mountable.

The movement system’s stability is an important criterion for optimal welding results. Only this can ensure exact focusing. The ALW’s stable steel construction ensures a highly precise movement mechanism, so that the ALW 200/300 is ideal for
automatic applications. During welding, the workpieces can be moved
precisely on 3 axes (X, Y and Z). In addition, there is an optional rotating axis for circular welding. Even demanding materials like aluminum, precious metals, titanium or sensitive alloys can be processed easily with the powerful ALW 200/300.

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