High-performance granulators for in-house recycling

Herbold Meckesheim offers a wide product range of granulators and shredders for plastic recycling and other applications. Herbold granulators are heavy-duty machines for size reduction of all kind of plastic waste from thin to thick wall thick-walled and massive parts.

Granulators of the SML series

The Herbold granulators of the SML series are robust, low-noise machines for medium duty applications. Compact construction, easy to clean. Optimal design for frequent color and material changes. A well-priced and multifunctional size-reduction system for standard appications. Above the screen, the granulator housing is equipped with exchangeable screwed.on-anti-wear plates. An integrated run-down device enables access only once the rotor has come to a complete standstill.

If the granulator is open, the screen is not tilted down but upwards, thus ensuring much better access to the grinding chamber due to the fact that not only the feeding hopper but also the upper part of the granulator can be tilted. In addition, contamination caused by ejected materials is avoided. The residual material is automatically collected in the suction trough and evacuated by the blower.


Granulators of the SMS series

The Herbold granulators of the SMS series are extra heavy knife granulators for heavy-duty applications. They can be used universally also for the most difficult applications and they are appropriate for flexible use due to their removable deflection wedge.

The deflection wedge is an insert with a 3rd bed knife extending the range of applications. With deflection, wedge removed the feed opening is wider and allows size reduction of large bulky parts or drums. With the deflection wedge installed thick-walled pipes, thick sheets and other large component parts can be processed.

For cleaning and maintenance purposes the granulator can be opened very quickly. The housing is a hinged two-piece split design, the upper section hinges backward for access. This design provides optimum access to the cutting chamber. The screen is removed through the maintenance door in the front of the cutting chamber providing easy and quick cleaning (e. g color or product changes) a standard feature of the Herbold granulators.


Features of Herbold Granulators:

Easy access to the grinding chamber

Centrally hinged two-piece housing allows optimal access to the grinding chamber, thus reducing the time for cleaning and maintenance to a minimum.


Cutting geometry designed as the double cross-cutting action

The rotor and stator knives are mounted in opposing angles to ensure a steady cutting gap across the full length of the knife, thus not only reducing the noise level but also the power input and the risk of blocking and improving the quality of the ground material by reducing the fines fraction.


Pre-adjustment of the knives outside the granulator in a jig

The rotor and stator knives can be adjusted outside the granulator in a jig.

The knives can be prepared for a knife change with the granulator still in operation, thus reducing downtimes to a minimum.


Outboard rotor bearing

Rotor bearings in pillow block housings are separated from the grinding chamber; so no dust can penetrate the bearings and no grass can get into the grinding chamber.


Constant cutting circle

Due to adjustable bed and rotor knives, the cutting circle and consequently also the gap between the rotor knives remain constant. Therefore, fewer fines are produced, the material is not unnecessarily manipulated and so additional thermal stress for the material is avoided.


Ancillary equipment and special models

For the integration of Herbold granulators into automated operating processes and production processes, numerous ancillary equipment and special models are available.

  • Electronic metal separators and magnet systems for separating metallic foreign bodies
  • Air separators and screening machines for separating dust and specifically light fractions in the ground material
  • Overload control for load-dependent feeding
  • Pneumatic and mechanic conveying systems for feeding the machine or evacuating the ground material
  • Pre-crusher for reducing bulk feeding materials and ensuring an even feeding of the machine
  • Feeding hoppers and material silos for buffering the material upstream or downstream of the granulator
  • Conveyor belts and roller feeding devices for film sheets, edge trims, and skeletal waste
  • Different types of rotors allow an optimal approach to the application
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