Type SLT and MCT volumetric dosing control units

The new SLT and MCT control units, which seamlessly replace the previous SL and Mcm control units, were developed for volumetric premixers and dosing stations.

The new SLT and MCT control units, which will continuously replace the existing SL and Mcm control units, were developed for volumetric pre-mixers and dosing stations.

Emphasis was placed on connectivity, convenient operation and easy handling at the production machine, underlined by a simple and intuitive user interface on a 7-inch touch screen.

The required process parameters are calculated fully automatically. The result is continuously uniform dosing.

The device now features extended recipe memory, convenient recipe management, language switching, password and user hierarchy, alarm output for an optional fault detector, alarm history and more.

A USB output allows data loading and backup and software updates. Using an Ethernet connection, the device can be connected to the company network to control dosing centrally via the Koch visualization software.

For other use in industrial automation, i.e. for practical application in plastics processing within Industry 4.0, SLT and MCT control units equipped with the OPC-UA open interface standard allow data exchange between production machines and peripherals independent of the manufacturer.

Important characteristics and benefits

- mobile and flexible control unit with a VESA mount
- 7” colour touch screen
- simple and intuitive operation of the control unit
- alarm history and recipe management (up to 500 recipes)
- 16 pre-installed languages
- password and user management
- USB interface
- Ethernet interface
- communication standard
- compatible with Industry 4.0 through the OPC-UA
- fully integrated in the KOCH visualization software

Control unit SLT MCT
Production machine Injection Injection/extrusion
Dosing station 1 - 2 up to 4
Pre-mixer KK, G, V KK, G, V, Gx, Vx
Further info
Product groups:
Periphery, products for plastics processing
    Dosing, blending

Plastics processing

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