Analysis and Inspection of Multi-Material Assemblies

The 3-dimensional X-ray technology reveals what remains invisible to the naked eye. Whether defect analysis or the analysis of form or position tolerances - this presentation will give you an insight into the possibilities of quality assurance in the field of injection molding using industrial comp

Using computed tomography, it is possible to find defects in assemblies or to measure between already installed components. What remains invisible to the naked eye, optical metrology, or a coordinate measuring machine is revealed by 3-dimensional X-ray technology, which also enables defect analysis and even the analysis of form and position tolerances. This presentation will explain the problems that have to be dealt with and the possible solutions that are available today.

A new mode of the locally adaptive surface determination allows for simultaneous determination of the surfaces of each material within a volume in one go, resulting in one component per material. This makes geometric dimensioning and tolerancing of multi-material objects, e.g., the position of metal pins of a connector relative to the plastic housing, a breeze. It also facilitates the segmentation of multi-material objects. The creation of complex simulation meshes from existing multi-material assemblies creates a direct link to the simulation world.

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