Sustainability and the circular economy

Fair theme: Rethink and act sustainably

Climate change, CO2 emissions, the world's polluted oceans – society is focusing on environmental issues nowadays, and they are impacting the economy. Plastic, in particular, is a material that is coming under close scrutiny from the public. But this material's positive environmental attributes as well as the innovative strength of the plastics industry and its sales markets are largely overlooked.

New mindsets and new approaches are called for, and up-to-date sustainable solutions must become visible. The Swiss plastics industry and – especially – its sales markets are faced with the challenge of adopting positions on ecological issues. Against this backdrop, the Swiss Plastics Expo offers scope for discussions and opportunities to present the latest knowledge and solutions. This is why the Swiss Plastics Expo 2020 is focusing on one of the burning issues of our times: sustainability.

In a total of five focus topics, exhibitors display the sustainable solutions they have implemented and show where the journey is headed. Sustainability will also be explored from various perspectives at the Innovation Symposium.

The five focus topics:

You can find equally exciting and innovative solutions that address sustainability in the "Out-of-the-Box" focus topic.


Solutions for the circular economy: SHIFT Switzerland 2020

A completely circular economy can help to shift the focus back onto the value of plastic as a material. But all partners in the plastics industry have to work together to achieve this.

SHIFT Switzerland will have its premiere at this year's Swiss Plastics Expo. SHIFT brings together key players in the Swiss circular economy to offer a unique overview of innovative business models and solutions. Consulting, design, production, materials and recycling will all be explored in detail. 

You can present your solutions:

Allianz Design for Recycling Plastics
Association NTN Innovative Sufaces
BioApply Sàrl
BIOKON - Forschungsgemeinschaft Bionik-Kompetenznetz e.V.
Café Europe. Textagentur GmbH
Circular Economy Switzerland
Danish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce
Drehscheibe Kreislaufwirtschaft Schweiz
EPEA Switzerland GmbH
GreenWins Sàrl
Heierling AG
Hochschule Luzern, Forschungsprojekt Plastic Twist
Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil HSR
NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials
Product DNA SA
SHARLEY.CH – Der Verband der Schweizer Kunststoffindustrie 
Tide Ocean SA
TRIBECRAFT Innovators Designers Engineers
UpBoards GmbH

Vögeli AG
the SHIFT Switzerland event is included in the fair ticket for the Swiss Plastics Expo.

You can discover more information about SHIFT Switzerland on the dedicated website.

Website SHIFT Switzerland

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