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Folding cartons and marketing materials made with 100% healthy materials. Vögeli AG is the first company in the world that offer printed products according to Cradle to Cradle certified™ Gold Standard.

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Pureprint-PEAK – the Vögeli Story
The family owned company VÖGELI AG has always played a pioneering role in sustainability of printed products. The latest example was in the end of 2018 when the world wide first Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified™ printed products were manufactured.
Now it is possible to produce marketing materials and folding cartons according to the Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified™ standard.
All ingredients from paper to inks, varnishes, glues and fillers have been optimized for this purpose.
Now there are no toxins present in the waste sludge from Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products, the sludge could be returned to the biological cycle, as biomass, for instance.
Vögeli also always finds suitable C2C materials through its network, which complete its printed products to a complete C2C Gold product. As an example the company is producing hang tags for clothes. They are not only printed in C2C Gold standard but processed with a C2C attachment thread. In another example of a folding carton plastic hooks are replaced with cardboard hooks.
Therefore, the company can supply a wide range of products to various industries.

Certification / Standards
·    ISO 9001:2015
General Information
Company size
51-100 employees
Founded in
Langnau, Switzerland

Sägestrasse 21-23
3550 Langnau

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