Metal-free material conveying in pipelines

Using the GF metal separator from Sesotec; protect extruders, injection molding and blow molding machines from damage caused by metal particles in the granulate. The purity of plastic products is thus guaranteed as an essential component of quality assurance.

Say goodbye to production stoppages and delivery delays

Even the smallest metal particles in the plastic melt are often the cause of costly malfunctions during injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding. With the increasing processing of regranulates and regrind, the proportion of these metal impurities increases. Blocked nozzles, filters and hot runner systems often lead to production downtimes, downtimes and delivery delays.

Application in pneumatic conveying lines: Metal separator GF a solution from Sesotec.


GF metal separator: Ensuring product quality

The GF metal separator is used in suction or pressure conveying lines to protect injection molds and processing machines.

  • Detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants (steel, stainless steel, aluminum) - even if they are trapped in the product. Metal contaminants are separated by the "Quick-Flap" separation unit.
  • The contaminated material is separated into a collection container without interrupting the flow (without interrupting the flow or reducing the speed).
  • Pendulum flap prevents false air in the conveying line
  • Minimal loss of good material
  • Highest tactile sensitivity to all metals with maximum interference immunity to vibrations and electrosmog
  • Simple operation of the Control Unit through preset operating parameters
  • Works reliably without significant installation and maintenance costs.
  • Robust rejection mechanism in stainless steel
  • Ensures product quality


Greatest flexibility

Devices of this series can be installed in both suction and pressure delivery lines on site in all positions (horizontal, vertical, inclined). Reliable detection is guaranteed even at high conveying speeds.

The Sesotec systems have a modular design so that the optimum components can be combined in one device - matched to the respective customer-specific application.


Process reliability in the plastics industry

Sesotec offers for all applications and all production stages and conveyor types in the plastics industry, for over 30 years in practice proven and economically interesting solutions - from granulate production to the finished part to recycling.

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