Turnkey S: Compact and modular machine for laser welding

The "Turnkey S" is the smallest ready-to-use machine for laser welding of plastics. With its flexibility by modular design and its size, it is unique on the market.

Compact and modular machine for laser welding

The compact table-top machine Turnkey S is designed modular, so that it can be configured optimally for the parts to be welded and the customer requirements. With an xy-axes system as motion system welding contours up to 150x100 mm can be tracked. With a faster scanner head weld contours up to 100x100 mm are possible.

Depending on the part to be welded, the clamping unit can be designed at different heights and equipped with additional sensors for setting path or clamping force measurement.
The workpieces can be fed in and out of the Turnkey S via a drawer or a rotary indexing table. Only a small lifting door is opened between the welds to fed the parts.

To set up the machine, the front machine cover can be raised so that the welding area is easily accessible. The welding process is set in an easy to understand user interface on a touch screen. An additional keyboard or mouse can optionally be connected via the USB ports, or a memory stick can be used to exchange welding programs or welding data.

An additional larger screen can also be connected to the turnkey system via an HDMI plug. An Ethernet-port is available for integration in a local network for data exchange or a remote connection for maintenance via the internet.

For larger plastic parts up to half a meter the workstation Turnkey M supplements the table-top Turnkey S. For special machine building the modules from the Turnkey systems are also available separately under the product name Modula.

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