FANUC Maintenance Services - our target 100 % uptime

Boost productivity with your own personal maintenance strategy. Ensuring your machines exhibit maximum reliability is essential to your bottom line. That is why having a maintenance strategy that is ideally suited to you and your own individual needs is essential.

FANUC Diagnostic Pro
Connect to FANUC machines on the factory floor in real time for outstanding troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities, including speedy resolution of servo alarms showing the possible root cause(s) and a detailed hardware diagram highlighting the relevant parts. Includes data monitoring of the machine’s performance over time and the machine's performance history throughout its life cycle.

Maximum uptime: FANUC Preventive Maintenance
To extend their production life and ensure maximum utilisation of your machines, scheduled maintenance should be undertaken every 3850 hours or 12 months, whichever comes first. FANUC offers you a wide range of standardised and individual maintenance contracts to suit your production conditions. Reducing unplanned downtime and helping to ensure your machines keep running.

Spare parts for 25 years plus
As long as your machine is still in service we will, whenever possible, provide you with original spare parts for it - and for a minimum of 25 years. And if we cannot do that we will repair your components at the FANUC Repair Centre to meet original quality specifications, thereby extending the lifetime of your machines. All FANUC parts are 100% FANUC developed and manufactured to world-beating FANUC quality standards. Fully tested, they come with a 12-month OEM supported warranty. Your benefit: best process reliability and a safe investment thanks to OEM quality.

After Sales Module ASM – your machines' full service history
Especially designed for FANUC products, FANUC ASM tracks the service status of FANUC machines across Europe. Your benefit: We can predict potential failures and optimise the planning of servicing and spare parts.

24/7 support
Our team of skilled experts are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, providing you with support from initial contact right through until your machine is up and running. With 500 service engineers across Europe and more than 40 years experience. Wherever you need us, our comprehensive FANUC network provides sales, support and customer service all around the world. That way, you can be sure you have always got a local contact that speaks your language.


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