Process-reliable integration of a side gating solution

The production of a contact plug for electrical seat adjustment in the automotive sector could be fully automated. The result for the Italian toolmaking and injection moulding specialist O.C.S.A. in Creazzo is a significant increase in productivity.

Full automation of production

By fully automizing the production of a connector plug for an automotive seat adjustment motor the Italian mould making and injection moulding specialist O.C.S.A. in Creazzo (VI) has considerably increased the productivity compared to standard production methods. The plastic-metal composite component is insert moulded and consists of reinforced PA 6.6 and a copper alloy. Considering the customer's very high annual requirement O.C.S.A. decided to set up a manufacturing cell with an ambitious maximum production capacity of 7,500,000 parts per year where all production steps are fully automated. This includes feeding, cutting and bending the metal contacts as well as overmoulding them with the plastic component and a 100% control of the finished parts. 


Maximum productivity and space-saving

The aim was to gain maximum productivity and at the same time to keep the sizes of machine and mould at a minimum to allow the most space saving integration of the manufacturing cell and all required handling systems on the production space available. The injection mould works in the centre of the production line on a compact Engel insert 45 injection moulding machine with vertical clamping unit. In close cooperation with EWIKON a process-reliable full hot runner solution for direct side gating could be integrated. Six radial HPS III-MH nozzles are arranged in a row with flush mounted nozzle bodies which have been additionally flattened so that a minimum distance between the cavities could be achieved. Each nozzle features two oppositely arranged wear-resistant heat conductive tip inserts. The tip inserts which are mainly subject to wear due to the highly abrasive material can be cleaned or replaced from the parting line with only minimum downtime and without the need to dismantle the mould.


Significant material savings

The result is a perfect interaction of injection moulding technology, mechanical forming and handling robotics. With a cycle time of 24 s for the overmoulding process and synchronized peripheral equipment the required production figures can be easily realized. At the same time the direct gating with hotrunner allows a significant saving of material. The trouble-free operation of the production cell gives an impressive example for the process-reliable integration of precision injection moulds with modern hotrunner technology into complex fully automated applications even when demanding resins are processed.

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