Victorinox knives: safe in the hand with POLYfill® touch

Victorinox saves material and energy costs with POLYfill® touch from Polykemi. The extraordinary properties of this material from Polykemi ensure a secure hold.

POLYfill® HC is a highly crystalline, glass-fiber-reinforced, rigid PP which replaces engineering plastics such as PA or PBT.

Due to its low density, you process significantly less material than with PA and PBT. Comparing POLYfill® HC with 30% glass fibers with the same PA6 and PBT, the density of PA6 is about 20% higher than that of POLYfill® HC, that of PBT even 35% higher. In addition, you save valuable time and money due to lower processing temperatures and the elimination of pre-drying.


  • Improved impact strength
  • Higher modulus of elasticity even at elevated temperatures
  • Additional great density advantage
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